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5 класс


Прочитай текст u выполнu задание.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It has a long history. It is always on the fourth Thursday of November. People have a lot to do before the holiday. Peter and his family like this day very much. Peter's father buys a big fat turkey. Mother cooks the turkey and a lot of other tasty things. Peter's mum is good at cooking. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because it is a family holiday. Peter's grandparents come to see them on this day. First they go to church and thank God. Then they have a traditional family dinner. They eat roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream. Peter doesn't like pumpkin pie but he likes chocolate ice-cream.

Найди каждому предложении (1-10) соответствующее продолжение (a j). Занеϲᴎ ответы в таблицу

  1. Thanksgiving is...

  2. It is always on the...     .

  3. Peter's father buys...

  4. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because...

  5. They eat...

  6. People have a lot to do...

  7. Mother cooks...

  8. Peter's grandparents...

  9. First...

  10. Peter doesn't like...


a)      ...before the holiday.

b)      ...an American holiday.

c)      ...they go to church and thank God.

d)      ... a big fat turkey.

e)      ...the turkey and a lot of other tasty things.

f)       ...a roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream.

g)      ...it is a family holiday.

h)      ...pumpkin pie.

i)        ...come to see them on this day.

j)        ...fourth Thursday of November.

6 класс


  1. Read the text and choose the best title for it.




There are many kinds of puppets: hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow figures and marionet They are little figures operated by strings and wires from above, by rods, or hands from below.

Puppets are as old as the theatre itself. The first puppets were made in India or Egypt. Рид theatres thousands of years old have been found in both of these countries. Marionettes, which < animated by string from above, got their name in Italy. During the early Christmas celebrations, sm figures including the Christ Child and the Virgin Mary were made to move by strings. This kind puppet became known as a marionette, or little Mary.

In China, Japan and Java puppet showmen have made figures to represent the heroes, gods, and animals of their legends and stories. In Java, Siam and Greece they showed shadow plays. They moved cut-out figures against a vertical sheet lighted from behind.

Puppet shows were so popular that even great composers like Mozart, Haydn, and Gluck wrote special operas for them.

There are many stories for puppet theatres too. One of the best loved by children stories tells about the adventures of Pinocchio, a puppet who came to life. You will find the same puppet characters famous in different lands. Punch, the famous English puppet, is known in Italy as Punchinello and in France as Polichinelle.

Puppets can be any size needed. There are some marionettes that are only 15 centimetres tall, and some have been made 100 metres tall! Also, it is possible to make puppet animals and they can be just as good actors as people.

I. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F) ? (6 баллов)

  1. You need string or hands to move the puppets.

  2. The first marionettes came from India.

  3. You could see marionette shows at Christmas.

  4. There was no music during the puppet shows.

  5. There are stories about Punch only in England.

  6. You can't make a puppet animal, because they are not good.

7 класс


Every year, thousands of people come to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, to be part of the Edinburgh Festival. For three weeks every August and September the city is filled with actors and artists from all over the world. They come to Edinburgh for the biggest arts festival in Britain. During this time the streets of the city are alive with music and dance from early morning until late at night. You can even see artists painting pictures in the streets. One of the best parts of the festival is the “Fringe”, where students do comedy shows in small halls and cafes.

Tens of thousands of tourists come to the festival to see new films and plays and hear music played by famous musicians. This year, you can see over five hundred performances with actors from more than forty countries.

The tickets for these performances are quite cheap and it is usually easier to see your favourite star in Edinburgh than in London. So come to Edinburgh next summer, but remember it can be difficult to find a room, so why not book your hotel now!

Read the text and choose the correct answer:

  1. The Edinburgh Festival is a month long.

a) right b) wrong c) doesn’t say

2. Actors come to the Edinburgh festival from lots of different countries.

a) right b) wrong c) doesn’t say

3. You can hear music all day.

a) right b) wrong c) doesn’t say

4. It is expensive to go to the theatre in Edinburgh.

a) right b) wrong c) doesn’t say

5. You can visit a lot of painting exhibitions during the festival.

a) right b) wrong c) doesn’t say

6. It is usually more difficult to see famous actors in London than in Edinburgh.

a) right b) wrong c) doesn’t say

8 класс


There are two mixed texts below. Separate the two texts. Arrange each text in the logical order.

A "How did you find your way here being in this town for the first time and not knowing it, and not even using a map?" asked his uncle who was still very surprised at his nephew.

B When the ticket inspector came and asked him for his ticket, the old writer began to look for it in his pockets, in his bag and suitcase. He could not find his ticket. He looked in the book he was reading, on the seat he was sitting. But in vein. The ticket was nowhere.

C Michael looked around. Then he took a piece of paper out of his pocket and had a brief look at it. The address of his uncle's home was written on it. He looked at it once more, then he crossed the street and stopped in front of the new building. He came in and soon happened to be in his uncle's apartment.

D It was an express train from London to Edinburgh. The compartment was spacious, the service was a first-class one, the people were pleasant and did not annoy him with the silly questions like: "Ah, you must be the person everybody knows, aren't you?" Looking out of the window he could see a picturesque landscape: carefully tended green plains with blue lakes like saucers, and a blue mass of sky above with yellow, warm and kind sun. To cut a long story short he obviously liked the trip.

E It was the first time when Michael, a fifteen-year-old boy, went to see his uncle who had moved to a new town after he had married. It was 278 miles away and the boy decided to hitchhike to see the neighbouring countryside, to develop his communicational skills talking with drivers and, which had a great importance for him, to save an amount of money he had earned delivering newspapers every morning during the school year.

F The ticket inspector stared at writer straight, the other passengers started the throw suspicious looks at him, and the writer himself was in despair. "Anyway I must find my ticket," said he. "I do want to know where I'm going."

G "Please, do me a favour, don't worry," said the ticket inspector. "You might have forgotten where you have put it. Take it easy. I can wait. I'll ask for it at the next station." But at the next station it was all the same.

H He made that distance in quite a short period of time. The last vehicle was a truck, which let him off at the main street of the town. The boy thanked the truck driver and wished him a good luck. The town was modern and not large like many all round the country.

I "No wonder," was the answer. "We live in a wonderful country which is very vast, with very friendly people always ready to help you. Just ask the people and they'll explain you how to get to a place."

J Once upon a time an old writer who was extremely popular in England was travelling by train.

9 класс


Установите соответствие между заголовками А—H и текстами 1—7. Занеϲᴎте свои ответы в таблииу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

^ A. Studying from Home

B. Personal Development Is Important

C. Modern Tools for Studying

D. Finding the Right Activity for You

E. Studying and Living at School

F. Specialized Schools

G. Assessing Academic Progress
H. High-Tech School

  1. In the earliest days of computers, the only computer ed­ucation was about computers. We, and computers, have come a long way since those days. Now computers have in­vaded every aspect of modern life. Education is no excep­tion. Students can use word processors for writing, spread­sheets for mathematics and science, and databases for orga­nizing information. Lately, the Internet has become a recognized way of getting information.

  1. There are many advantages to distance learning. For home-schoolers, it's a great way to safely get a head start on college before completing high school. In addition, many students don't have the ability to leave home for maybe family or work obligations. Another huge advantage is the cost savings. Through distance learning, you avoid room and board fees that will have to be paid by a traditional student.

  1. In Great Britain many children go to boarding schools. A good boarding school can be an excellent placement for an orphaned child, because everyone is treated equally and fairly there. Many parents with non-traditional careers or those undergoing difficult transitions like divorce find boarding schools excellent alternatives. Boarding school can help children grow in independence, and friendships formed in boarding school often last a lifetime.

  1. Considered by many to be a diamond in the rough of the Parkside area, the school boasts a curriculum that encour­ages technological literacy. The 170 local 9th grade students

don't carry any books or pencils. The school supplies every student with their own laptop. They create multimedia pre­sentations with Microsoft PowerPoint, receive assignments via e-mail, and conduct research online. So far, the unique program has had positive results.

  1. Chorister's schools are educational establishments which have a special emphasis on religious choir singing. These schools are usually attached to a cathedral, church or chap­el, where the school choir sings. Choir schools do not ex­clusively educate choristers: about 15,000 pupils are taught at chorister schools in the UK, but only around 1,000 of those are choristers. Tony Blair, for example, attended The Chorister School but was not himself a chorister.

  1. For the majority of college and university students, involve­ment in extracurricular activities plays an essential role in the collegiate experience. Students become involved in extracurric­ular activities not only for entertainment, social, and enjoy­ment purposes, but most importantly, to gain and improve skills. A wide and diversified range of extracurricular activities exists on US campuses, meeting a variety of student interests.

  1. The test is an important benchmark in ensuring that stu­dents will be successful in meeting the challenges they will face either in college or the workplace. If they are not able to meet the standards of the exam, how can we expect them to be successful in life? Examinations can be traumatic for both students and their teachers. But just because nobody really enjoys them, we should not disregard them as a nec­essary part of the education process.

10 класс


Questions 1-6

Read the text below about a famous American singer. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, В, С or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Tammy Wynette

The Heroine of Heartbreak

Tammy Wynette fulfilled many a girl's fantasy from the American South by moving from the cotton fields to become America's self-styled First Lady of Country Music. Along the way, she sold more records than any other female country-and-western star. But as well as 35 number one hits and White House 5 performances for four different presidents, the so-called 'Heroine of Heartbreak' also had five husbands and four children, seventeen surgical operations and once experienced a kidnapping.

Her life story, she freely admitted, was 'ridiculous — mostly because I've made it that way'. The best thing that perhaps could be said about Wynette's personal dramas was that they provided an endless source of good material. 'I write better when I'm depressed,' she claimed, and was once accused of setting to music 'every angry word and flying plate'.

As with everything else throughout Tammy's career, her beginnings in music were closely connected to a personal tragedy. Her father who'd dreamed of becoming a professional musician himself, was very ill when Tammy was born and he died when she was just nine months old. On his death bed, he made his wife promise to encourage their daughter to take an interest in music, if she showed any talent. Young Wynette, as she became known, began taking piano lessons at the age of eight, and she became so good at playing by ear that her piano teacher eventually gave up on her.

Tammy only really started to take her singing ambitions seriously, however, after the break-up of her first marriage to Euple Byrd. Now with three children and after several frustrating and fruitless trips to Nashville in search of a recording contract, she was persuaded that she would have a better chance if she moved there and so it was in 1966 that she packed her children and their few belongings in­to her car and drove to 'Music City'. Euple happened to drive past just as she was leaving. 'In your dreams, baby, in your dreams,' he said when she told him her plans. (Years later, when Euple asked her to sign a photograph, Tammy was able to return this sentiment in writing.)

Arriving in Nashville, Tammy would leave the children in the car while she did the rounds of the record companies. She eventually slipped past an absent secretary and into the offices of producer Billy Sherrill at Epic Records. He remembers her as a pale, desperate-looking girl but he instantly fell for her voice with what he called its 'teardrop quality'. And the rest, as they say, is history...

1. The opening paragraph suggests that...

A. Tammy's career was a short one.

B. Tammy kidnapped someone.

С. Tammy enjoyed good health.

D. Tammy grew up in a farming area.

^ 2. In response to questions about her difficulties, Tammy

A. pointed to her success.

B. blamed herself.

С. called the questions 'ridiculous'.

D. refused to answer.

3. What is said about Tammy's songs?

A. They were written for plays.

B. They were criticised for the music.

C. They were based on her experience.

D. They were written by a friend.

^ 4. Tammy moved to Nashville because ...

A. previous trips had been encouraging.

B. her ex-husband encouraged her to go.

C. becoming a singer might be easier there.

D. she could easily afford to.

5. 'This' in line 43 refers to ...

A. the photograph.

B. Tammy's dreams.

C. Euple's request for a signature.

D. Euple's comment on her plans.

^ 6. The writer suggests that ...

A. Tammy kept her personal life and music separate.

B. Tammy relied too much on other people.

C. Tammy's personal life limited her success.

D. Tammy succeeded despite many difficulties.

11 класс


Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

^ Child labour — a blessing or a curse?

When does childhood fun become an abuse of human rights?

Ten-year-old Lita Matundan sells flowers to motorists stuck at traffic lights. 'We are poor, so if I do not work we will not eat’, says Lita, who has six siblings. She was a victim of polio during her infant years and has never seen the inside of a classroom. (1)

Gerry Gueverra is another 'early learner' in the labour market. (2) He then goes to school at 10 am and after that returns to the market till 8 pm. 'I dream of having my own restaurant or food chain one day,' he says.

(3) He runs the family market stall both before school and after classes have finished for the day, when he should be doing his homework. 'I have no choice but to work so the family can eat,' says Ronald, who has five older brothers and sisters.

Many of these children work under 'exploitative conditions', but they go on working because of 'inadequate survival resources' within their families: parents are so poor the children have to work. (4)

There are other reasons which force the children to work, such as natural disasters or the geographical location of the home, or the simple fact that education is too expensive. Employers also like to hire children, seeing them as easy to manage and unlikely to complain.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Tejan, aged 9, who sings for money on commuter trains and picks rags off rubbish dumps, is taking part in a rally and shouting slogans demanding that youngsters like her be given the right to work. (5) 'If I'm not working, how can I survive?' ran one of her slogans. 'End poverty, provide employment for our parents, do something in the villages so we don't have to run to the cities (6), said Deepak Shukla, 15, another street child who helped organize the rally.

The organizers said that unless basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing were fulfilled, children should not be denied the right to work.

A. If they do not work, there will be no food on the table.

B. But don't stop us from working.

C. He wakes at 4 am to take goods to market.

D. She was one of 200 children who took part in the rally.

E. Ronald Acudo, aged 12, works longer days than most adults.

F. This work is hard, dirty and dangerous.

G. Her parents have no money for her education and her father cannot work because he's sick.

Рекомендации по составлению введения для данной работы
Пример № Название элемента введения Версии составления различных элементов введения
1 Актуальность работы. В условиях современной действительности тема -  5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание является весьма актуальной. Причиной тому послужил тот факт, что данная тематика затрагивает ключевые вопросы развития общества и каждой отдельно взятой личности.
Немаловажное значение имеет и то, что на тему " 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание "неоднократно  обращали внимание в своих трудах многочисленные ученые и эксперты. Среди них такие известные имена, как: [перечисляем имена авторов из списка литературы].
2 Актуальность работы. Тема "5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание" была выбрана мною по причине высокой степени её актуальности и значимости в современных условиях. Это обусловлено широким общественным резонансом и активным интересом к данному вопросу с стороны научного сообщества. Среди учёных, внесших существенный вклад в разработку темы 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание есть такие известные имена, как: [перечисляем имена авторов из библиографического списка].
3 Актуальность работы. Для начала стоит сказать, что тема данной работы представляет для меня огромный учебный и практический интерес. Проблематика вопроса " " весьма актуальна в современной действительности. Из года в год учёные и эксперты уделяют всё больше внимания этой теме. Здесь стоит отметить такие имена как Акимов С.В., Иванов В.В., (заменяем на правильные имена авторов из библиографического списка), внесших существенный вклад в исследование и разработку концептуальных вопросов данной темы.


1 Цель исследования. Целью данной работы является подробное изучение концептуальных вопросов и проблематики темы 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание (формулируем в родительном падеже).
2 Цель исследования. Цель исследования данной работы (в этом случае Документы) является получение теоретических и практических знаний в сфере___ (тема данной работы в родительном падеже).
1 Задачи исследования. Для достижения поставленной цели нами будут решены следующие задачи:

1. Изучить  [Вписываем название первого вопроса/параграфа работы];

2. Рассмотреть [Вписываем название второго вопроса/параграфа работы];

3.  Проанализировать...[Вписываем название третьего вопроса/параграфа работы], и т.д.

1 Объект исследования. Объектом исследования данной работы является сфера общественных отношений, касающихся темы 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание.
[Объект исследования – это то, что студент намерен изучать в данной работе.]
2 Объект исследования. Объект исследования в этой работе представляет собой явление (процесс), отражающее проблематику темы 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание.
1 Предмет исследования. Предметом исследования данной работы является особенности (конкретные специализированные области) вопроса5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание.
[Предмет исследования – это те стороны, особенности объекта, которые будут исследованы в работе.]
1 Методы исследования. В ходе написания данной работы (тип работы: ) были задействованы следующие методы:
  • анализ, синтез, сравнение и аналогии, обобщение и абстракция
  • общетеоретические методы
  • статистические и математические методы
  • исторические методы
  • моделирование, методы экспертных оценок и т.п.
1 Теоретическая база исследования. Теоретической базой исследования являются научные разработки и труды многочисленных учёных и специалистов, а также нормативно-правовые акты, ГОСТы, технические регламенты, СНИПы и т.п
2 Теоретическая база исследования. Теоретической базой исследования являются монографические источники, материалы научной и отраслевой периодики, непосредственно связанные с темой 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание.
1 Практическая значимость исследования. Практическая значимость данной работы обусловлена потенциально широким спектром применения полученных знаний в практической сфере деятельности.
2 Практическая значимость исследования. В ходе выполнения данной работы мною были получены профессиональные навыки, которые пригодятся в будущей практической деятельности. Этот факт непосредственно обуславливает практическую значимость проведённой работы.
Рекомендации по составлению заключения для данной работы
Пример № Название элемента заключения Версии составления различных элементов заключения
1 Подведение итогов. В ходе написания данной работы были изучены ключевые вопросы темы 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание. Проведённое исследование показало верность сформулированных во введение проблемных вопросов и концептуальных положений. Полученные знания найдут широкое применение в практической деятельности. Однако, в ходе написания данной работы мы узнали о наличии ряда скрытых и перспективных проблем. Среди них: указывается проблематика, о существовании которой автор узнал в процессе написания работы.
2 Подведение итогов. В заключение следует сказать, что тема "5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание" оказалась весьма интересной, а полученные знания будут полезны мне в дальнейшем обучении и практической деятельности. В ходе исследования мы пришли к следующим выводам:

1. Перечисляются выводы по первому разделу / главе работы;

2. Перечисляются выводы по второму разделу / главе работы;

3. Перечисляются выводы по третьему разделу / главе работы и т.д.

Обобщая всё выше сказанное, отметим, что вопрос "5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание" обладает широким потенциалом для дальнейших исследований и практических изысканий.

 Теg-блок: 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание - понятие и виды. Классификация 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание. Типы, методы и технологии. 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание, 2012. Курсовая работа на тему: 5 класс reading прочитай текст u выполнu задание, 2013 - 2014. Скачать бесплатно.
Текст составлен автоматически и носит рекомендательный характер.

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Диктанты с языковым анализом текста. 9-11 класс
Наталья Гончарова. (Жизнь и творчество) объединят эти даты. Задания составлены таким образом, чтобы вызвать интерес старшеклассников и к жизни Н. Гончаровой, и к творчеству М. Цветаевой, чтобы помочь ребятам подготовиться к гиа, егэ, олимпиадам самостоятельно или на уроке под руководством учителя

Комплексные проверочные работы в 9-11 классах (на материале повести В. П. Астафьева «Кража») Сведения об авторе: В. С. Легоцкая, мбоу «Гимназия №5»
Комплексные проверочные работы в 9-11 классах (на материале повести В. П. Астафьева «Кража»)

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